Antrim Investments Ltd. FSCO #13198

Max LTV 65% - Based on appraisal as if 100% complete
Lending Areas Major centres of BC
Min Beacon None - LTV reduced if <600
Min/Max Mortgage $100,000 - $3million
Purpose Spec or owner build - Builder to have established New Home Warranty
Draws Flexible as required - Lot, Lockup, Drywall, Completion as a general guide. No Fee inspection on Draws
Income Stated Income
GDS/TDS None - Deal must make sense
Terms 1 year OPEN on all construction mortgages
Payments Accrued interest due each draw-monthly payment not required so long as construction started within 90 days of lot draw
Brokerage Fee 2% - split 50/50
Lender Fee No Lender Fee

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